Best Floating Bar Shelves for Your Home Bar

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Shelves are great for utilizing space and decorating your area to your liking. Floating bar shelves are designed to hold wine glasses, wine bottles, and other liquor bottles. These shelves are perfect for any bar- at home or at a restaurant. The floating bar shelves listened below are easy to build and are a perfect addition to your bar!

    1. Industrial Pipe Shelves

This industrial pipe shelf has wooded tiers giving it a modern floating bar shelf look. The industrial pipe shelf also has a rustic wall mount shelf that is 36.2in. It is a metal hung bracket and an easy DIY. This floating bar shelf is perfect for any kitchen, at home, and perfect for modern-day restaurants.  

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    2. Industrial Pipe Shelf Wine Racks

This wine rack is a rustic metal floating bar shelf that is 39.37in with wood and metal. It has four stem glass holders making it perfect for wine bottles. This floating bar shelf works well and is easy to put together, as a DIY kit, it’ll be up in a matter of minutes. 

This floating bar self is great for any farmhouse kitchen, or even as an outdoor floating bar shelf. 

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    3. Mkono Wall Mounted Wine Shelves

The Mkono wine bottle glass floating bar shelf is built with stemware hangers.  It has many different uses and can be used to hang decorations such as photos, plants, and wine bottles. At 17 inches, this bar shelf is great for kitchens, dining rooms and can vene be used as a floating bar shelf behind a bar.  

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    4. Giantex Wall Mount 

The Giantex wine rack includes three storage spaces that can be used for various reasons. The glass holder is ideal for hanging your glass and may be used on a regular basis. With 8 bottles available, you can store your wines on the wine rack. Extra bottles or decorations can be displayed on the four shelves. This modern floating bar shelf comes in a set of 5, and is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings. 

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    5. Rustic Wall Shelves 

These solid wood rustic floating bar shelves are mounted and used for storage and hanging wine bottles. There is plenty of room to store all your favorite wine bottles. The pipe brackets are 24” x 7.5” x 1.5” and are easy to set up with a DIY kit inside. This floating bar shelf is perfect liquor and bars. It can also be utlizied for kitchens, indoor and outdoor settings as well. 

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     6. Sea Star Lighted Shelf

This cool sea star floating bar shelf lights up and is roughly 2ft wide. The lighted liquor bottle display shelf is very easy to set up and completely safe to use. It is remote controlled and is multicolored. The sea star floating bar shelf is perfect for any bar. It would look best in a kitchen bar or in a garage bar set up. 

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      7. 2-Step Lighted Rack 

This simple and chic floating bar shelf lights up and is perfect for cocktail parties,and family gatherings. It is a 2 step liquor bottle display shelf is lighted and easy to set up. This modern lighted floating bar shelf is a great decoration for any living room, kitchen, or any outdoor setting. 

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      8. Prepac Floating Wine Rack 

Prepac floating wine and liquor rack is a beautiful modern floating bar shelf. This all-black design has two shelves and can store up to 12 wine bottles. This simple design looks best in dining rooms and adds to kitchen walls as well. It is easy to set up and hang up, the DIY kit comes with this unique floating bar shelf and only takes a few minutes. 

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    9. Industrial Wine Racks 

This floating bar shelf is a wall mounted wine rack that comes with 8 stem glass holders. The entirety of this floating bar shelf is about 31.5 inches and easy to hang. This bar shelf is made with great quality and can hold up to 8 wine bottles. Perfect for any area in a home such as kitchens,living rooms, dining rooms, and even hallways. It is also a great edition for restaurants to give a modern floating bar shelf look. 

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    10. Metal Wine Shelves 

This floating bar shelves for liquor is very large and perfect for a bar or restaurant setting. It would really compliment any dining room or living room and it is a perfect floating bar shelf to help show case your favorite wine. The wine rack is open for storage, giving you more room to store many wine bottles and even decor. This floating bar shelf for liquor is elegant and gorgeous due it being handmade with meticulous detail. You can store your favorite wines and invert your glasses in this space-saving dual-use wine rack that is below the floating bar shelf. 

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    11. MBQQ Wine Rack

The MBQQ is a small and perfect floating bar shelf for wine lovers and all. At 23.6 inches and made with rustic metal, this floating bar shelf is an amazing edition to anyone’s home, restaurant or even given away as a gift. Under this floating bar shelf there are 7 glass holders for wine glasses to add to the modern look. 

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     12. BAYKA Wine Shelf

These beautiful floating bar shelves are made out of wood, which helps give a very subtle modern-day look. They work well in any indoor setting, and will add to any small bars inside the home. Due to how versatile they are, decorating with these simple floating bar shelves is easy and fun. The BAYKA wine shelves come in packs of 3 and are easy to set up, all that is needed is to hook them to your wall.  

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      13. LED Liquor Shelf

The LED floating bar shelf has lights and different colors when in use. This floating bar shelf is perfect for wet bars, and cocktail parties. It easily keeps up to 9 bottles and is 3ft in length.The LED lights are simple, safe, and easy to use. A wireless remote comes with the floating bar shelf and includes wall mount brackets as well. 

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      14. WGX Industrial Rustic Wine Rack 

The WGX is a great floating bar shelf since it is made with wood and metal. The interior is made with glass and has 2- tiers. This floating glass bar shelf is a wonderful edition to any area of the home and would compliment a home bar as well. 

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      15. Rustic State Wood Shelf Wine Rack 

This floating bar shelf has a rustic wooden look making it perfect for outdoor patio bars. It has two-in-one storage systems and is ideal for both storing liquor bottles and hanging wine glasses. It is very easy to build and made with high quality wood. Perfect for wine lovers and can be given away as a gift. 

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