10 Kegerators For Home Bars

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The era of merely being able to chill your beer in a regular refrigerator is over. Your home bar is in need of a serious upgrade, and what better way to bring that to life than with a brand new kegerator?

For those unfamiliar, a kegerator is like a refrigerator, only better because it holds beer. A keg, to be more exact. There are a lot of different brands of kegerators to choose from, so our experts have managed to narrow down their top ten favorites across different categories. 

1. Best Budget Kegerator: EdgeStar KC1000SS

Most kegerators are only found at what some would consider a staggering price, so this one is a great bang for your buck. It can fit a one-sixth barrel and has one stainless steel faucet. This kegerator is also not big, so provided that you have extra room to spare, it won’t get in the way of other kitchen or basement amenities. Not only will you save on the overall cost of a brand new kegerator, but the energy costs are also pretty low. Keep in mind your ideal temperature that you want your beer to be, and easily adjust the temperature accordingly.  

2. Best Under Counter Kegerator: EdgeStar KC7000SSOD

If you’re looking for a beer-cooling set-up that can fit perfectly under some counter space, this kegerator will tick all of the boxes and then some. This unit boasts an air of versatility with an indoor and outdoor version of itself. It comes with a safety lock so that your precious local crafts will be stored safely inside at the temperature that you desire. No matter what size of keg you have, from a slim quarter to full size, this unit can and will fit them all. After purchasing, setting it all up, and decorating with your favorite beer-themed magnets, you’re going to be back-ordering another. 

3. Best Dual Tap Kegerator: Kegco MDK-309SS-01

Probably one of the worst parts of any party that involves serving up your beer is waiting in those huge lines with your cup. With this dual-tap kegerator, those lines will be cut in half, if not completely disappear altogether. It’s no wonder that this product is considered the best in its category of kegerators. It also has a spacious interior, with the capability to fit up to three kegs up to five gallons each! This will make replacing the kegs inside much easier because once you put this in your home, that beer is going to go fast. 

4. Best Mini Kegerator: Green House Beer Dispenser

After scoring an invite to the hottest kegger in town, it’s time to bring your own contribution. Moving a giant keg of beer at full capacity can be daunting and staggering for your muscles, so this mini kegerator has you covered. No matter what your poison is from dark stouts to fruity sours, this dispenser does not discriminate. Not only that, but the thick and creamy foam that it provides at the top of your glass will leave your mouth watering. Just bring a couple of batteries, a six-pack, and your friends. Once the other party-goers notice your sick compact set-up, they’re going to be running home to update their Christmas lists. 

5. Best Full-Size Kegerator: EdgeStar KC2000

When you’re looking to go big or go home, this kegerator will satisfy all of your needs. It can even be converted into a regular refrigerator, so you can keep any snacks in your man cave that need to be cooled. Casters are included to make your kegerator easy to move around, and all of the hardware and accessories are at your disposal. You may notice that it’s slimmer than your standard kegerator, so it’s easier to fit into tighter spots. The temperature can go down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit so you can keep your favorite drinks frosty and delicious. 

6. Best Outdoor Kegerator: Summit Appliance SBC695OS

In case you had to sacrifice a man cave for a bigger patio, you still deserve a kegerator that will be able to withstand mild outdoor conditions. The weatherproof design will have you thanking your lucky stars after a rainstorm blows through your neighborhood, and its flexibility will open up so many options for how you store it. If you have to end up wiping it down, there is a special cleaning kit included to not have to worry about any potential smearing this unit can and will fit them all. This kegerator doesn’t substitute durability for holding capacity, as the spacious interior can hold up to three sixth barrel kegs. 

7. Best Commercial Kegerator: Alpha Chef

Maybe the other kits or other homey products aren’t matching your ideal style and you want something to compete with the big dogs at your favorite breweries and restaurants. If you’re looking for something a lot more professional, this kegerator from Alpha Chef should give you that desired experience. It’s a dream come true for anyone who has wanted to feel like they’re working in a real bar and have a stage to serve up guests with the best crafts in storage. This setup comes with all of the usual bells and whistles: keg couplers, adjustable shelves, and a side-mount compressor as an added bonus.

8. Best Built-In Kegerator: Bottoms Up 2 Tap Kegerator

For this category, this kegerator is coming in as a fresh perspective for potential home bars. It caters to businesses as well as individuals who want to better their pouring experience. These kegerators boast a cutting-edge technology with being able to pour drinks from the bottom of the cup all the way to the top. It uses an FDA-apporoved magnet to seal the bottom back down with absolutely no mess to clean up. After a couple of practice runs, you’ll be pouring like a pro! With this two-tap kegerator, you are also guaranteed to have automatic pours to decrease the amount of potential waste.

9. Best High-End Kegerator: Danby DKC054A1BSL2DB

When shelling out the big bucks, it’s a given that you’re going to want the absolute best product on the market. After careful consideration, this dual-tap kegerator from Danby checks all of the boxes when it comes to quality. Those who make the plunge are satisfied with the easy set-up, the gorgeous steel finish on the exterior, and of course the cold fresh beer that it’s able to pump out. If all of that isn’t enough, this kegerator gives back to the environment by using R600a refrigerant which has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP). That’s a lot of love to go around in the name of beer. 

10.  Best Kegerator Kit: Kegco BF SCK-5T Conversion kit

If a standard kegerator is out of your budget, there are kits available where you can convert your mini refrigerator into your very own kegerator. In some ways, it can be more satisfying than buying a kegerator outright, and make you feel like a scientist and inventor all at once! This particular kit includes a dual gauge regulator so you can easily adjust the pressure and regularly monitor the Co2 volume. It also brings in a gorgeous beer faucet with a chrome finish and a brass lever. With all of these tools at your disposal, you’ll be running your own beer house in no time.