10 Intoxicating Neon Bar Signs for Home Bars

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Having your bar is one of the best and coolest features you can have in the privacy of your own home. With this being said there is nothing better than having a neon bar sign to illuminate and complete your man cave. You will not be disappointing any of your buddies with some of these amazing bar signs.

Personalized Neon Bar Sign: Personalized Custom Home Bar

There is nothing better than having your custom-made neon bar sign that you can proudly say you designed! This top-rated ADVPRO personalized home bar sign comes in blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow, and multicolor. This customized neon bar sign will look great in almost any home bar setup and would complete the man-cave look. This personalized neon bar sign comes with 5 ft wire with an on/ off switch. Free of noxious gas and mercury, this plastic-made sign is very safe to use with very little to no heat being emitted. This neon bar sign also has 3D features, unlike other neon bar signs that usually display color in 2D. 100% safe to touch, there shouldn’t be any worries if you or anyone bumps into it!

Tiki Bar Neon Sign: It’s 5:00 Somewhere Neon Sign   

Nothing says home bar more than a tiki neon bar sign! This simple but charming neon bar sign will not disappoint you, your friends, or even your family. This sign is family-friendly and would look great for inside-home bars especially patios. This neon bar sign will brightly shine out in the darkness of the night, due to its bright colors. The quality of each sign is amazing because each one is handcrafted using long-lasting, durable materials and components. It also has a high life expectancy and low energy usage. Each tiki neon bar sign is free of harmful gases like argon, neon, and mercury, making this neon bar sign making it 100% safe to use. It is 5:00 pm somewhere, so there is always an excuse to drink and this sign will remind you of that.

Bar Open Neon Sign: Ultima LED Neon Open Sign 

Having a bar open sign will make your home bar feel like a legit place! This will add dimension to your garage home bar or even an entertainment home bar. This neon bar sign has a stationary and flashing lights mode, you can control which one you want for your man-cave. The great thing about buying this sign is how easy it is to install it, all you need to do is plug it into the wall and turn it on, batteries are not required. This sign neon bar sign is long-lasting and reliable, designed to maintain its brilliance and reliability over time.

Cocktail Bar Neon Sign: Party Man Cave Neon Light

This “Cocktails and Dreams” sign will brighten up your home bar with beautiful colors of  purple and blue. This simple design is great for creating a party-like atmosphere and would look awesome in a garage home bar. Handcrafted with an on/off switch, this bright neon sign is easy to install and requires no batteries, just plug it in and turn it on. After installing it the first thing you should do is to make your favorite cocktail, relax and enjoy the lights. The great thing about this cocktail bar neon sign is there is also a one-year quality warranty that is offered.

Cheap Neon Bar Sign: BAR Neon Sign 

If you’re looking for something under $30, this neon bar sign is the perfect fit for you. This simple yet classy neon bar sign would look great in-home bars, pubs, wine coolers, bar counters, bistros, and house party decorations. They add a subtle and romantic aspect to the atmosphere. This neon bar sign is made with a high-quality frame. There are no installation fees, as neon bar sign may be hung on the wall There’s no need to acquire letters separately for the combination; it’s simple and reliable.

Cool Neon Bar Sign: BANG BANG BAR Neon Sign

This neon bar sign is as good as it gets! Perfect for anyone who likes guns and beer. This sign will give your home bar a vintage midwestern cowboy look. It would look great in just about any home bar, whether that’s a garage or a basement. Getting this sign will turn your home bar into a mancave. This cool neon bar sign is handcrafted with great quality and made out of glass. Easy to install all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on. It is important to note that this neon sign has a one-year warranty to help ensure you get the most “bang” out of your buck.

Corona Neon Bar Sign: Corona Neon Bar Sign

Is your favorite beer corona? If so, this sign is the one for you. This awesome neon bar sign is a classic, having a parrot with the corona sign makes it an iconic classic. If you have a corona stash somewhere in your home bar, this neon bar sign was made for you. This neon bar sign is handcrafted and made out of glass! Super easy to set up all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on, batteries are not required. Go ahead and plug this neon bar sign in and open up a few coronas and enjoy your man cave.

Cartoon Neon Bar Sign: Miller Lite Neon Light Sign 

If you are looking for a small neon bar sign, this one is the perfect fit for you. This lighted neon bar sign will give your home bar a bit of a cozy and home-like feeling. Perfect for small diner set-ups or any kitchen home bars. This sign uses new LED Tube Technology, which is when neon lights are made by colored silicone LED Tubes. This makes the lighted neon bar sign  brighter and safer. This sign is also eco-friendly, durable, and power-saving. This small neon sign will complete your mini home bar, giving it a touch of coziness.

Outside Neon Bar Sign: Palm Tree and Cocktail Neon Bar Sign

If you have plenty of guests seeing your home bar, this neon bar sign is the one for you. Impress your guests with this neon sign as it is an excellent choice for attracting attention to your home bar. Perfect for outdoor home bars as this neon bar sign has palm trees and cocktails. This bright neon bar sign is easy to install with a chain and power adaptor, it is also very light and easy to hang. Made with great quality, using long-lasting, and durable materials. There is nothing better than to complete your patio/ home bar with this wonderful lighted neon bar sign.

Colorful Neon Bar Sign: LED Neon Wine Glass Sign

Lastly, if you are unsure of what neon sign to purchase, this subtle lighted neon bar sign is the one for you. This neon light sign is commonly utilized in the decor of bars, pubs, and bistros, due to their vibrant and romantic nature. This lighted neon sign is multicolored and bright, and easy to use. There are holes built behind the sign for hanging on the wall or resting on the mantle, shelf, table, or dresser. A USB cord is used to provide power, it is as easy as plugging it in and turning it on. You could never go wrong with choosing this classy lighted neon bar sign to make your home bar feel sophisticated and exclusive.