10 Best Portable Home Bars

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Sometimes it is necessary to bring your various liquids and drinking glasses to another room in order to demonstrate your newfound skills as a master bartender. In other cases, you are the one who gets called to bring your new-found skills to a party across town. Here are the top home bars that are not only portable, but can act as a substitute for a massive set-up that will take up space in your basement. 

1. Best rolling bar: Nathan James Carter 

Coming in as a perfect blend of wood and metal, this rolling bar will make serving up your favorite cocktails easy and fancy. This particular style also has a tempered glass top which adds an air of elegance. You come into the living room with this, and your housemates or other guests will think that they appeared in a fancy hotel room. When it is not in use, you can lock the casters (fancy talk for wheels) in place so that it doesn’t go rolling away to serve the neighbors. There are a variety of different metal and wood finishes to choose from, so that it can blend into any kind of living arrangement, from log cabin to upscale apartment. 

2. Best Industrial bar cart: VASAGLE

With three shelves for easy display, and holders for your wine glasses and bottles, what more could you ask for? Not only is the tempered glass top easy to clean, but the cart itself is beautifully crafted with a rustic theme that will go well in any home that appreciates its style. Setting up is easy and takes people on average less than an hour to put together. The casters will provide a smooth pushing experience along with the raised handle, so you can take the party from the kitchen to the living room, patio, or elsewhere.  

3. Best two-tier bar cart: SereneLife

When you have many guests coming over for what is promised to be the greatest New Year’s Eve party on the block, you’re going to want to be able to serve multiple people at the same time. This two-tier cart has spacious shelving to host many bottles and drinking glasses. It is also designed in a way to save space taken up on the floor, so you can buy another for the other side of the room if needed. Made out of bamboo material, the cart is sturdy enough to last many years of party hosting, as well as being able to easily roll from one room to the next.

4. Best portable tiki bar: GoPong 

Transform your basement or living room into the famed “Tiki Room” with this high-top pop-up bar! Weighing in at only 12 pounds, it is easy to carry and comes with its own carrying case so you can take the party anywhere. This portable bar includes three different front skirt designs, so it can fit a variety of occasions from Hollywood night to your annual Super Bowl party. Not only can you set it up in under a minute, but there’s a hidden secondary storage shelf so you can put your best rum and other secret ingredients on it to keep the mystery alive.

5. Best folding bar: Trademark Innovations 

 If you’re looking for something simple, portable, and not as flashy, then this folding bar from Trademark Innovations could mark the end of your search. Even though it’s easily collapsible, it can support up to 65 pounds, so you can break out your mini kegerators, a couple of heavy bottles of vodka, and a whole fruit basket with weight to spare. It also makes the perfect companion take to trade shows in order to share your craft and skills. Some customers have used it for beer and wine demos, and it still works perfectly after several years of use. 

6. Best high-end portable bar: Carlisle Paddles

Sometimes money is no object when it comes to entertainment. In that case, this gorgeous portable high-top bar will bring an air of class to any fine living quarters. Made out of beautiful cherry wood, this portable bar can be used both inside and outside. It comes with a wide selection of equipment to better serve your bartending needs, such as a 15-gallon ice bin, built-in cutting board, two sliding storage drawers, and lots of storage for cans, syrups, and liquor bottles. The casters can swivel and easily glide across any surface effortlessly, and they lock in place when needed. 

7. Best portable wine bar: JBBCN

This wine bar takes the form of a serving cart, with ample storage for up to seven of your favorite vintage or local wines, as well as a rack for up to six wine glasses. If you’re wary of your wooden floors or carpets, let your mind be at ease with the rotating casters that can take on any setup without unnecessary sliding. Customers marvel at the neutral colors that can fit in with any home decor, and the ability to easily assemble the cart itself. When not used as a wine bar to serve your next tasting party, it can double as a kitchen rack if you need extra storage space.

8. Best outdoor portable bar: Best Choice Products

This brand may be familiar, as it has come up before during searches for different bar stools. It continually proves that its innovation knows no bounds with a bar cart made out of durable and weather-resistant wicker material. Underneath the wicker is a solid metal frame, and it will hold up to 80 pounds, so don’t hold back on stocking your bigger bottles. You can also keep those bottles cool with the built-in ice bucket. The tempered glass top also makes it easy to display your drink-crafting skills. For wine lovers, it can hold up to nine wine glasses with a built-in rack. 

9. Best wooden portable bar: Christopher Knight

Another household name in the decor department, this industrial wooden bar cart will definitely earn you design points the next time you have guest over admiring your home. The contrast between the metal frame and the polished look of the wood will leave your friends desperately searching for their own. The shelves bear a lipped design so that it makes it easier to hold different items, and allows you to safely move the cart without things tipping over. There are also two bottle holders that are included so you have more than enough for a night of good times to be had by all. 

10. Best overall portable bar: WGX Design

Not only does this cart come with three wide tiers for ample storage of your essential liquors and liqueurs, but it is the best piece for you to display your shaking and stirring skills. It is very easy to assemble and is very sturdy, bringing an industrial flair to your space. The pipes on all sides make for easy handling when you’re moving the cart from room to room. You can keep a large number of small glasses if you’re out of kitchen space. Just slap down an absorbant mat and get to crafting your favorite cocktails.